Seaway - A Pipeline of Poison

The Enbridge/Enterprise Seaway Pipeline began operations in May 2012.[1] It reversed a 36-year old pipeline to carry tar sand crude from Cushing OK to the Texas Gulf coast.[2] In January 2013, the flow rate for Seaway was increased when new pumps were brought online[3] Enbridge and Enterprise announced in March, 2012, plans to build a twin pipeline next to the existing Seaway.[4] Seaway Crude Pipeline began construction of the Seaway Loop in June, 2013.
Concerns regarding the Seaway include the following:
  • Tar Sand is far more toxic than conventional crude.
  • Pipeline transports highly pressurized, acidic and corrosive material, making pipes susceptible to rupture.
  • Aging pipeline is over 36 years old (built in 1976).
  • Tar sand spill threatens DFW water supplies and their tributaries with proprietary material that is difficult, if not impossible to clean up.
  • Tar sand crude will increase U.S. oil costs 2-4 billion dollars.
  • Tar sand is meant for export, not to decrease our dependency on foreign oil.
  • Lack of oversight demands both federal and state agency intervention regarding tar sand pipelines.


12/5/16 Belle Fourche Pipeline leaks 176,000 gallons into North Dakota creek

4/8/16 TransCanada Keystone Pipeline still leaking in South Dakota

3/17/16-3/18/16 Series Catalogues TransCanada's Corruption and Unsafe Building Practices.

3/1/16 Inspection raises doubts about Keystone South safety.

4/20/15 Pipelines blow up and people die  Note that both Enterprise and Enbridge are listed in the top ten pipeline companies by number of "incidents."

1/28/2015 Enterprise Gas Pipeline Explosion in West Virginia

10/18/2014 Pipeline spills 16,000 gallons of crude oil near Caddo Lake

Texas Pipeline Watch
3/26/2014 Five Dirty Pipelines you've never heard of; Seaway is on the list.
Texas Pipeline Watch's website has maps of all the tar sand pipelines in Texas.
Texas Pipeline Watch's Facebook timeline has up to the minute postings by volunteer pipeline monitors around the state.

Seaway Pipeline Leak Cleanup in Cushing


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2.^ Enbridge, like other tar sand carriers such as TransCanada, often refers to tar sand crude oil as "crude oil". Thus, we hear that "crude oil" is bottlnecked in Cushing OK. The bottleneck is attributed by Bloomberg News to Canadian and Nebraskan oil sands, also known as tar sands,
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