Communities at Risk

Within One Mile of exisitng Seaway Pipeline and its additions being built in 2013 there are...
Hospitals and Nursing Homes: 8
Schools: 45
Towns: 29
Churches: more than 56
The maps below show existng Seaway Pipeline in red, passing within a mile and in some cases within a few feet, of schools, hospitals, churches and homes. People should be alert to the possibility of a leak in any pipeline; but a pipeline such as Seaway, carrying tar sand crude oil diluted with undisclosed chemicals and more likely to leak than a conventional crude oil pipeline, demands even more caution. People in these locations should leave the area immediately in case of a leak, according to Enterprise Products pipeline safety page.
Click on a map to view a larger, interactive map of the neighborhood.
Farmersville Junior High and High School, Farmersville
Community High School and Middle School and McClendon Elementary, Nevada (pipeline goes under athletic field parking lot)
Anita Scott Elementary School, Royse City Health and Rehabilitation Center, and several subdivisions, Royse City
Victory Baptist Church (pipeline crosses their parking lot), Terrell
Terrell Crossing ARC community, Terrell
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Kaufman
Kaufman High School and Norman Junior High, and Windsor Park subdivision, Kaufman
Bluffview Estates on Richland Chambers Reservoir, Corsicana
The Woods and Hout Bay subdivisions on Richland Chambers, Streetman
Schultz Junior High and Middle School, Waller
Cross Creek Ranch resort style development, Fulshear
Rosemeadow subdivision, Needville
Damon Elementary School, Damon
Wild Peach Elementary School, Brazoria
Kentuckytown Baptist Church, Whitewright TX
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