Other Tar Sand Pipelines in Texas

Pegasus Pipeline

In 2006 Mobil Pipeline Company (ExxonMobil) reversed 20 inch Pegasus pipeline from Patoka IL to Beaumont TX, passing through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.  Parts of this pipeline system were built in the 1940's by Mobil Oil Co. The reversed pipeline initially carried 50,000 barrels per day. The rate was raised to 96,000 barrels a day in 2009. The purpose of the reversal was to ship  Canadian tar sand crude to Gulf Coast refineries.  Patoka gets Canadian tar sand crude oil via Mustang pipeline, which is owned jointly by Enbridge (30%) and ExxonMobil (70%). Patoka also gets Canadian tar sand crude oil via the exisiting Keystone pipeline owned by TransCanada.[1]

On March 29, 2013, Pegasus pipeline ruptured in the yard of a suburban Mayflower AR home and spilled 210,000 gallons of tar sand crude oil down the neighborhood streets and into storm drains and ditches that lead to Lake Conway.[2] Although initial news reports indicated ExxonMobil responded quickly, ExxonMobil, like Enbridge in Michigan, denied that illnesses reported by nearby residents within the first week were related to the spill and its odor.[3]

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Tar sand crude flowing into Mayflower yards and
street, April 1
Location of ruptured pipeline
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to look for your home or water supply along Pegasus pipeline
tar sand crude oil flowing into Lake Conway, April 1, Karen McCall, Greenpeace
Tar sand crude flowing into Lake Conway, April 1

Mayflower oil spill 3/30/2013

Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone system includes five major pipelines.[4]

  • Keystone Pipeline Phase 1,  Hardisty Canada to Patoka IL, opened 2010
  • Cushing Extension, Steele City NE to Cushing OK, opened 2011
  • Gulf Coast Project, Cushing OK to Nederland TX, under construction 2012-13
  • Houston Lateral Extension, Liberty TX to Houston TX, permitted
  • Keystone XL, Hardisty Canada to Steele City NE, proposed

Keystone Pipeline Phase 1, predicted to have one leak in ten years, had twelve leaks during its first year of operation.[5]

The Gulf Coast Project and Houston Lateral pass through Texas. Texas property owners and volunteers are attempting to halt these. [6]

The XL project through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, requires State Department approval because it crosses the Canadian border. [7]

 As of April 9, 2013, the project's future has not been officially decided. See news feed on this page.

Trunkline (Cancelled... now East Gulf Coast Access Project)

Energy Transfer has had an on-again off-again plan to convert and reverse its 30-inch Trunkline natural gas pipeline in order to carry tar sand crude oil to the Gulf Coast. An early proposal would have converted and reversed the pipeline from Patoka IL to Buna TX.[9] Next the plan changed to reverse the Trunkline only as far as Boyce LA and to build a connecting pipeline to St. James Parish in Louisiana.[10] Enbridge was involved in this plan for a few months.[11] As of November, 2013, Energy Transfer no longer has a partner and has dropped the plan for a Boyce to St. James extension.[12]
Energy Transfer map of East Gulf Coast Access project