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What can you do?

Email or call Legislative committees that are hearing related bills.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper; this danger is getting little coverage.

Write to your Texas Legislator. We need our local officials and state legislators to ask questions regarding the companies' filing an emergency response plan in respect to the fact that a tar sand spill would be a hazardous material spill. Who would respond to such a spill? Who would take the liability? Ask your legislator also to change laws that permit pipeline companies to seize land by eminent domain.

Ask candidates for local, state, and national offices whether they understand the dangers of tar sand pipelines.
Write to your local city council or water board. (sample letter).

Write to the EPA. Help fellow Texans protect their water, land and natural resources. Help ensure the safety of your family and neighbors by joining us in asking that state, local and federal officials do everything they can to protect the health and safety of their communities by asking that an Environmental Impact Statement be made of this pipeline.

Tell your friends.

How Close is the Pipeline to You?

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