Comparing Pipelines

Barrels per Spill Table
Table of Barrels Per Spill
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How do Seaway's owners, Enbridge and Enterprise Products Partners, compare to other crude oil pipeline operators regarding leaks?

Larger Leaks

Pipeline companies like to point out that the vast majority of leaks are tiny... only a few barrels. PHMSA Hazardous Liquid Accident Data for 2002 through June, 2012,[1] show that Enbridge and Enterprise average larger onshore crude oil spills than all other pipeline companies. From 2002 through June, 2012, Enbridge spill size averaged 353 barrels. Enterprise averaged 403 barrels (more than 2 tanker truckloads[2]). All other interstate pipelines averaged 260 barrels per spill. 
A Crude Oil Pipeline Leak averages the size of
1.5 tanker truckloads
An Enterprise Crude Oil Leak averages the size of
2.3 tanker truckloads
Leaks per mile of pipeline
Table of Spills per Mile
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All Pipelines Leak

Pipelines have become safer over the history of the oil and gas industry, and pipelines do tend to be safer than other modes of transport[3] . Nonetheless, crude oil pipelines leak, on average 2.8 times per thousand miles annually[4] .