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Print and Mail: Region C Water Planning Group
                       North Texas Municipal Water District
                       Att. Jim Parks, Chair
                       PO Box 2408
                       Wylie TX 75098
The proposed Enbridge Seaway pipeline wants to start pumping tar sands crude as early as May 17, 2012. This 36-year-old repurposed pipeline crosses numerous Texas rivers and streams, including tributaries to Lake Lavon and both segments of Richland Chambers Lake, major water supplies for Dallas and Ft. Worth. The Seaway also crosses the Trinity aquifer, the most important aquifer to our region.
Tar sands bitumen blend is far more toxic than conventional crude, carrying hazardous chemicals and making spills more likely and more dangerous. A one million gallon Enbridge tar sands spill in Michigan devastated almost 40 miles of the Kalamazoo Ricer, requirin evacuations, making people sick, contaminating water and destroying property. The Enbridge spill is the largest tar sands incident in U.S. history. Two years later, after a $720 million failed clean up, the Kalamazoo remains highly polluted and the company's own insurance provider may not cover all the clean up costs.
An Environmental Impact Statement for the Seaway needs to be done NOW to assess possible impacts to DFW's water supply. An emergency response plan should be requested before theis pipeline comes online to ensure water supplies and air quality is protected. DFW needs clean water for our families and our future.